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Loxley Silver Band is always looking for for potential sponsors and there are a whole variety of ways in which individuals and companies can help the band while, at the same time, creating some awareness for their own interests. Contact Us for more information.


The easiest way for individuals to help Loxley Silver Band and to contribute to many of it's annual costs is by using Easyfundraising:

How it works
We provide a FREE service where you can shop with your favourite online stores and at no extra cost raise funds for Loxley Silver Band. You still shop directly with each retailer as you would normally, but simply by using the links from our site first, each purchase you make will generate a cash back donation to Loxley Silver Band, instantly raising money for us.
You can shop with 2000+ brand name retailers and to raise funds you just use the links from our site first - it's that simple!
If you ALREADY shop online, why not help Loxley Silver Band at no extra cost from purchases you would make anyway.
You don't need to come up with any complex sponsorship ideas to raise funds; you just need to shop online via our site.

Why do retailers support your fundraising?
It seems very generous, but when you buy online the cost to the retailer is much lower. As there's no shop, salesperson, heating, rates, not even the cost of the bag to put your goods in, retailers are more than happy to help good causes when new online customers are introduced to them via our website. Please note that Loxley Silver Band receives 100% of the donation shown on our site. E.g. if the donation rate for M&S is 2.5% of all spend, Loxley Silver Band will receive 2.5p for every £1 spent.

Will I pay anything extra?
No. You pay the same prices exactly as if you visited each retailer's website directly. Using our service will not cost you a penny more than you would pay normally.

How much can I raise?
Up to 15% of every purchase is donated, depending on which retailer you select and what you buy. The exact donation that will be paid is displayed directly next to each retailer listing. With some categories such as mobile phones and insurance there is a cash value.

Save money
Many retailers give exclusive 'Internet-only' discounts, special offers and even money saving 'eVouchers' to our members, so as well as raising funds, you can also use our site to save money.

What next?
Our service is as easy as 1-2-3 and it's FREE!
1) To start please register by clicking on the Easyfundraising banner below and registering as a supporter of Loxley Silver Band. Registration is completely FREE.
2) Next, log in using your user-name and password; this is how the system recognises who you are and which cause benefits when you make purchases.
3) Finally, click any of the retailer links provided and then shop just as you would normally.
That's all you need to do - apart from remembering to return to our site next time you are going to shop online!
Within minutes you can be raising funds for Loxley Silver Band.
Providing you login and use the retailer links provided Easyfundraising will track all your transactions and pay Loxley Silver Band the appropriate donations. These will then be displayed in your easyfundraising account (which you can access online).
If you have any questions or require further assistance please refer to the FAQ section on the Easyfundraising website or contact us.

Another great way to help raise funds for Loxley Silver Band is to use Easysearch; easysearch is a search engine that allows you to raise funds for Loxley Silver Band, simply by surfing the web.
When you search you'll raise funds for Loxley Silver Band - making just 10 searches a day with easysearch instead of Google or any other search engine, you should generate over £20 per year for your cause.
Easysearch have combined the results from several major search engines - Bing, Yahoo and many more to track down the most relevant results from across the web, which means you'll find what you're looking for quickly and easily every time - in one 'easy' search!
easysearch is completely free to use, so this is a great way to support Loxley Silver Band - just by searching the Web as you do already! Just use the search button below.


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