Community Band

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The Loxley Community Band is made up of members, many of whom used to be members of the main Loxley Silver Band, to take a more leisurely approach to brass banding.

The Community Band meets at our Sheffield band room once a week most weeks and plays a wide variety of brass band and brass ensemble music from the vast Loxley library, with new pieces being added all the time.

The Community Band welcomes brass instrument players from across Sheffield to join them and they would be particularly interested to hear from musicians who are able to take the solo line from time to time: if you think you might like to give it a go then please Contact Us.

The Community Band occasionally takes on local engagements within Sheffield that the main Loxley Silver Band is unable to assist with such as concerts during the working week when many of the main band are employed or at school or university.

At Loxley we know that the benefits of amateur or community engagement with music are multi-layered.

Making music is fun, uses different skills to those you need to employ in the rest of your life, is relaxing and stress-busting, and makes you feel better about yourself. In scientific terms, there is now a growing body of proven research which shows that this can amount to better physical and mental health: making music really is good for you – and thus saves the NHS and social services money.

Everyone can make music, from a two-year-old to a 90-year-old, whether rich or poor, disabled or not. It can therefore help bring communities together across generations, social classes, income brackets, disabled and not disabled. An obvious benefit of that is that it reduces loneliness and social exclusion, which are a very real cost to local services. Music groups can also help generate pride in a place and community, helping to transform an area into somewhere people want to live and feel safe and connected in.

Making music not only raises health and well-being generally for all kinds of individuals, it can actually provide cost effective support for people with a range of chronic conditions, from Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) to dementia. There is scientific evidence to prove these effects.




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